What I Hate, What I Love

You know what I hate? Heartburn.

I've had chronic heartburn at least since high school. I've done everything I know to get rid of it. I wear clothing that fits loosely or comfortably around my midsection. I try to avoid foods that are spicy or highly acidic. I don't lie down right after eating. I've gotten my weight down within a healthy range. I've tried just about every over-the-counter antacid out there, as well as essential oils and other holistic methods. Nothing works. I've been on prescription-strength Prilosec for over a decade now; that seems to be the only thing that's helped. But I recently discovered two problems with what I used to think was a miracle pill...

1) A new study came out last week that shows a correlation between proton pump inhibitors (PPIs, the drug class that Prilosec falls into) and heart attacks. Heart attacks are already in my family history; I don't need this as another strike against me. Plus, it really ticks me off to think that I've invested all this time and energy in getting healthy, only to have the possibility of a heart attack anyway.

2) Prilosec doesn't fix the problem; it only treats the symptoms. I have no idea what's caused me to have such frequent, persistent heartburn for so many years. Neither do any of the doctors I've seen about it; they've prescribed me Prilosec because, like I said, it's the only thing that gives me some semblance of relief. Well, after hearing about that study last week, I decided to see what would happen if I went a day without taking it. I figured, I've taken it for this long; surely it's done something to fix whatever's been causing this. Nope. I didn't take it this morning, and the heartburn is just as bad now as it was all those years ago when it first started.

So, now I'm really at a loss. I don't want to have heartburn for the rest of my life, but I also don't want to be on medication for the rest of my life (especially if that medication puts me at risk for something worse, like a heart attack). I'm just so tired of being burdened by this.

Now...you know what I love? The knowledge that someday, I won't need Prilosec. I won't have to worry about heartburn or heart attacks or anything. Someday I will have a glorified body, one that is "sown in weakness, raised in power." And the crazy thing is, I won't even care about being free from physical ailments, because I'll be with Jesus, which is a far greater thing to look forward to.

Just something that's really heavy on my mind today...