Tom is working this Saturday (the one thing that makes this day not-so-nice), so Naomi and I ventured out on our own to run some errands.

We started our day with some card-shopping. I found some Father's Day cards, as well as a wedding card for our friends who are getting married next week. And it only took about 45 minutes. Yeah, I'm really picky when it comes to greeting cards. IMHO, a lot of cards out there these days are either sickeningly sweet or just plain stupid...

Anyway, our next order of business was picking up a Graeters gift card for our new pastor and his wife. They're arriving in Louisville this weekend! ...Aaaaand it's just now occurring to me that I never mentioned that we were even getting a new pastor. Yeah, so, Dustin accepted a church-planting position at a church in Nashville and stepped down at the end of January. (The new position seems perfect for him, by the wayg; we all wish him and his family well.) The Crossing elders then formed a search committee and eventually narrowed it down to one candidate: Dr. Jack Hughes. He and his lovely wife visited Louisville last month; Jack preached at Crossing one Sunday morning, and the congregation voted (unanimously) to affirm him as our new senior pastor. So, hence the gift card...what better way to say "Welcome to Louisville" than with a gift card for some of the best ice cream in town (or anywhere...)?

Well, it was about 9:45 when we finished card-shopping, and Graeters didn't open until 11, so we killed some time by taking a nice walk in Seneca Park. Oh, how I miss that place! It's not even five minutes from where Tom and I used to live, so we used to spend quite a bit of time there. I think this was Naomi's first visit, though. She loved it! Especially because of all the dogs that were also out for walks. That reminds me: Naomi officially likes pets! When we were in Clarksville for Becky's graduation/Mother's Day, she loved watching and playing with her grandparents' many cats and dogs (OK, they only have two of each...but that seems like a lot). Her favorite pet at the moment, though, appears to be birds. Here's a pic from a recent visit to a pet store...

That is a look of absolute glee. (By the way...those dimples? Those two little teeth? I can't even.)

So, yes...the park. Fun. After we made one loop around the park, we went to Graeters and picked up the gift card, then dropped it off and headed home for lunch. I ordered a pizza for dinner. Tom and I were going to have a low-key night of pizza and watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals, just the two of us. But it turns out that the game isn't until tomorrow, so maybe we'll just watch a movie instead. That's what we did last night, but we're OK with that. We haven't had that many weekends to ourselves lately.

Oh! The movie we watched last night was really good. We watched The Descendants, which I've wanted to see pretty much ever since it came out and garnered all that Oscar buzz a few years ago. After watching it, I've decided that I need to see all of George Clooney's movies. I haven't seen very many (I mostly still know him as Dr. Ross from ER, but, man, he's a great actor.

We didn't have pizza last night; I made Cajun chicken alfredo in my freshly seasoned cast-iron skillet. Ahhh, nothing quite like cast-iron cooking. Makes me wonder why I ever use anything else. I almost used the same skillet to bake brownies for tonight, but decided against it for some reason. Speaking of brownies, I just discovered that we have all of the ingredients for homemade brownies in our pantry at all times. This is good to know for parties and other occasions, but could be dangerous for my waistline...!

OK, I think that's enough rambling for now. Happy Saturday!